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Home Recommendations


Recommendations from Our Customers:


artisan itallian baguette

Marin French Cheese Factory:


We highly recommend the bastoni's. The plain and seeded bastoni's go over big here. We can go through as many as 40 on a weekend day. They go perfectly with our cheeses.

Bastoni Baguette


sour french loaf

Sonoma Market:


We recommend the brown and serve sour french loaf. We cut it in half, put our own toppings on it and our customers love it. We go through 40-50 per week.

Sour French Loaf


sweet deli roll

Glen Ellen Market:


We recommend the sweet deli roll. We went through a number of different bread company's until we settled on this. We have been getting this delivered for more than 5 years and our customers are very pleased.

Sweet Deli Roll



sweet deli rolls

Harvest Market Deli:


We recommend both the sweet deli rolls and sour deli rolls. We have been using these rolls for more than 9 yrs and can't be more satisfied. We also highly recommend the wheat and sour 2 lb sliced bread. Our customers love these on our sandwiches.

Sweet Deli Roll

Sour Deli Roll

Sliced Wheat - 2 lb

Sliced Sourdough - 2 lb



sourdough puff rolls bread

DK Catering:


We recommend the sourdough puff rolls. We use them in our parties and they are perfect. We use assorted types of these rolls and they always make a splash.


Sourdough Puff Rolls



sliced sourdough bread

Forks and Fingers Catering:


We highly recommend the sliced 2 lb sourdough and the sweet deli rolls. We also love the fociccia rolls that we use. They make terrific sandwiches.

Onion Foccocia



sour french loaf bread

Grazie's Restuarant:


We recommend the Pane Lievitato. This is our mainstay here at the restaurant along with the Ciabatta hams. We also use the fociccia rolls for our panini sandwiches.

Pane Lievitato